Health surveillance

Bioconsult S.r.L. offers Companies a “Health service” with the support of qualified doctors, persons operating in accordance with local regulations relating to workers’ health .

The service also provides health monitoring:

  • nomination of a serious doctor
  • periodic inspection at the workplace
  • processing of health protocol
  • pre-hire management and scheduling of visits , regular visits and diagnostics inspections
  • compilation of medical records and issuing certificates of fitness for the job to the employer

Specialistical Medical And Clinical Analysis

Bioconsult Srl, in collaboration with medical specialists, offers its customers, at the headquarters of Bioconsult or at the client companies, the possibility of carrying out medical examinations, such as:

  • eye exams
  • audiologist visits and hearing tests
  • cardiology visits
  • orthopedic examinations

If required, blood tests are performed directly in companies.

Training for First Aid Employees

Bioconsult S.r.l organizes training courses for ” Employees first aid business”.

The training courses for ” Workers on the first aid company ” , to conform to the duration and content arranged by current standards , they are taught by doctors specializing in first aid techniques .

The training courses can be arranged , If the Company allows , both at the headquarters of Bioconsult that at the headquarters of the customer .