Hygiene of food

Application of the HACCP system and Hygiene Package
Bioconsult Srl offers consulting services to food companies for the application of the system HACCP and the ” New Hygiene Package “.

The service for the application of HACCP and the ” Hygiene Package ” includes :

  • elaboration and / or implementation of the plan of self-control Company through analysis and critical control points , according to the HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point) ;
  • preparation of the Self-Control Manual specific for the activity carried out by the orderer.

Microbiological control

The microbiological service testing offered by “Bioconsult” S.r.l provides sampling and microbiological analysis on surfaces, food, water, intended for human consumption and air.
Checks in Company

The check service in the firm is of fundamental importance to obtain periodical feedback relative to the system of self-control company in order to assess its effectiveness and propose any adjustment measures.

“Bioconsult” S.r.l. organizes information and training on food hygiene for employees of food service.  The training courses and information hygiene food can take place either at our client Companies or at the Headquarters of “Bioconsult” S.r.l.