Environmental Protection

Bioconsult S.r.l offers the service of technical and legal advice on issues relating to the protection environmental and enforcement of anti-pollution standards.

Consulting activities for environmental protection guarantee:

  • assistance during inspections by a supervisor
  • customer service via “Appraisals Techniques Part”.


Safety in the workplace

Bioconsult Srl offers the service of technical and legal safety and hygiene in workplaces;
Consulting activities for safety in the workplace ensures:

  • take responsibility outside of the Prevention and Protection
  • assistance during inspections by supervisors
  • customer service via Appraisals Techniques Part


Food Hygiene

Bioconsult Srl provides advisory services to Companies either for what concerns HACCP and for the rules of the ” hygiene package”.
Advises service to companies for what concerns food grants assistance during audits by control members.


Certifications UNI EN ISO 9000 – from 14,000 to 18,000

Bioconsult Srl offers integrated advisory service to companies for the preparation of UNI EN ISO 9000/14000/18000 .

The consultancy provides integrated:

  • periodic audits of verification
  • assistance during the audit of Certification Bodies
  • maintenance of relations with the Certification Bodies selected.