Safety Audit

Bioconsult S.r.L. offers the Safety Audit service for the verification of the correspondence and compliance with the regulations for the prevention of fire in the workplace

Safety audit service provides:

  • Examination of the available documentation
  • Verification and monitoring of the environments, equipments and firefighting equipment available, identifying any necessary adjustment to the current legislation.

Fire risk assessment

“Bioconsult” S.r.l offers its customers the service of fire risk assessment in the workplace so that is respected the disposal of DM 10/03/98 for fire safety management.

“Bioconsult” S.r.l , thanks to the intervention of specialists guarantees:

  • The processing of the document for risk assessment and classification of fire, fire safety in the workplace, according to the specifications provided by the DM 10/03/98
  • The identification of preventive measures and fire protection necessary to reduce the fire risks;
  • An indication of the priority criteria in firefighting

Fire prevention certificate

For customers who have to apply for or renew a Certificate of Fire Prevention , the “Bioconsult” Srl, thanks to its specialists on the lists of the Law 818/84 , provides :

  • the arrangement of technical documents necessary for the submission of applications at the relevant departments of V.V.F ;
  • verification and certification of pressure and prevalence of hydrant networks;
  • management of contacts with the relevant authorities for the territory of VVF ;
  • indication of the priority criteria for fire prevention interventions.

Emergency and evacuation plans

“Bioconsult” s.r.l. offers the customers who have to comply with the provisions of D.M. 10/3/98, in matter of planning and emergency management, the following services:

  • identification of possible emergency scenarios (for ex. fire, gas leak, chemical spill , accident)
  • identification of internal resources and organization to deal with the emergency plans and evacuation
  • organizational and operational procedures for the management of different types of emergency

Coordination of simulated tests and emergency evacuation

The staff of Bioconsult S.r.L. coordinates in Companies simulated testing of emergency and evacuation verifying the different inner phases of the internal emergency plan

Fire protection system design

Bioconsult S.r.L. offers its customers its twenty years experience in the design of equipment for firefighting and fire prevention systems , in compliance with American codes NFPA / NFC , National laws and UNI reference.

For the design of the fire-fighting systems Bioconsult S.r.L offers the following services:

  • preparation of contract specifications and evaluation of purchase of firefighting equipment
  • feasibility studies for the design of fire-fighting systems

Training and Information

Bioconsult S.r.l organizes training and information in the field of fire prevention, aimed at:

  • Internal Emergency Service employees in companies with low, medium or high fire risk, with lectures and practical exercises .

All courses of training and information for the prevention of fires can be arranged at the premises of the client companies or at the headquarters Bioconsult ; for the theoretical part of the courses formative provide for the aid of slides or audio-visual media , for the practical however, foresee the use of a simulator approved fire.