Austempering and decontamination from asbestos
Bioconsult S.r.L. offers its clients an “all inclusive” service for the decontamination of buildings and the removal products containing asbestos.
The “all inclusive” formula contains:

  • elaboration of the security plan to be submitted to the supervisory
  • reclamation works with the technical specification outlined in the plan approved by the supervisory authorities
  • sampling and analysis provided by the security plan
  • preparation of the decontamination unit and implementation of safety and emergency measures contained in the plan of security
  • disposal of waste products with the help of authorized companies
  • environmental surveys to verify the conditions of the decontaminated area and subsequent deliver to the costumer


Characterization of bulk samples

Characterization of bulk samples is a service that provides a withdrawal, according to DM 06/09/94 , of bulk samples of homogeneous materials ( corrugated boxes, caisson ) and heterogeneous materials (pipe coating, sprayed).

The characterization of picked up bulk samples takes place with the aid of specific techniques (optycal microscopy in polarized light and phase contrast), in order to value the eventual presence and nature of asbestos fibres.

Following the checks carried out on bulk samples, if negative, Bioconsult s.r.l. issues a certification according to law.

Search of asbestos airborne fibers

The search of airborne asbestos fiber is a service which provides the “air sampling” in confined spaces with the presence of products containing asbestos.

The procedure for the search of asbestos fibers is performed in 2 ways:

– Personal withdrawals in accordance with Annex 5 of the legislative decree 277 of 15/08/91

Environmental sampling in accordance with Annex 2 , paragraph A , D.M. : 06/09/94

Following the sampling, proceeds with the characterization of the sample for the presence of free asbestos airborne fibers (environmental withdrawal), defining also the level of exposure to the risk factor of workers during working hours.

Following the control is provided a regular certification, valid at all purposes of law.


Asbestos risk assessment
Asbestos risk assessment is a service that allows you to assess the presence of free asbestos airborne fibers and the possible exposure of workers to toxic substances.

Screening for the asbestos risk assessment involves the following steps:

  • Sample and characterization of samples of the suspect material; whether samples are positive, it proceeds with the evaluation of the risk of asbestos fibers.
  • Characterization of the sample of air;
  • Issue of a certification including a detailed report on risks, related to exposure to asbestos, identification of prevention and protection of workers.