Bioconsult Srl offers services related to installation, maintenance and monitoring of drinking water systems, wastewater and natural waters. (surface, ground, sea)
In relation to drinking water, Bioconsult S.r.l offers the following services:

  • sampling and chemical and microbiological analysis of water intended for human consumption in order to make sure water is potable
  • design and construction of water treatment plants and water softening
  • primary maintenance and periodic monitoring of water treatment plants and water softening drinking;
  • consulting activities aimed at managers of water systems, wells and distribution networks business internal water intended for human consumption.


Referring to waste waters Bioconsult offers the following services:

  • sampling of chemical and microbiological analyses and/or coming out from water softening equipment
  • verification of the efficiency of each step of the purification treatment of waste water to improve the yield of the purification process
  • planning and realization of waste water purification plants
  • manufacture, maintenance and control of waste water treatment plant
  • elaboration of self-control plans for discharges
  • completion of authorization practises for the discharge at the competent offices
  • technical assistance during the inspections of the agencies

NATURAL WATERS (surface, ground and sea)

In relation to the natural water instead, Bioconsult S.r.L. offers the following services:

  • sampling and characterization of surface and sea water
  • dynamic sampling and characterization of ground water